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The interdisciplinary, NIDDK-supported Marion Bessin Liver Research Center, established in 1974, conducts scientific investigation to understand fundamental mechanisms of normal liver functions, alterations in these functions in pathophysiologic states in animal model systems and in human liver disease and development of methods (therapies) to overcome these abnormalities.

Our Mission

The overall goal of this Center is to provide at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine an intellectual and scientific environment in which independent, established and newly developing investigators from multiple disciplines bring together their collective abilities to bear on research problems in liver biology, pathobiology and disease. We believe that bringing excellent basic scientists together with hepatologists interested in fundamental mechanisms of hepatic dysfunction will create an environment in which bidirectional changes will occur that will lead to basic cell biology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of liver diseases. We believe further that this collective activity under the umbrella of our Digestive Diseases Core Center provides the best opportunity and greatest hope for innovative contributions toward understanding liver diseases and developing new treatments.